Beauty can be

seen in all things,

seeing and composing the beauty

is what separates the

snapshot from the photograph.”


Viagem entre Amigas – Tailândia

Anelise + Gustavo

Eva Andressa Fitness Model


learning and experiencing life

In my early childhood, my family pictures already enchanted me, drowing my attention in such a special way that the power of photography soon showed to me. 
I seek that image that, once captured, will make one stop breathing for a while, being reminded of all those unique things that really matter.
Being raised by parents who are Arts, Music and Literature professors made me more aware of beauty, and I credit them for my sensitive look over people, nature, objects, feelings. 
My work is in constant construction, while I learn and experience life.
My great passion is my growing family: husband,  almost one-year-old daughter and two adorable dogs.
Travelling around the world, exploring new possibilities, being in contact with new cultures is what refreshes my soul.
I love to capture moments that tell vibrant stories through my lens.
I hope you enjoy the ride.



is an art, which


the character and perpetuates an emotion.